Monochrome animals - acrylic medium on canvas

Monochrome artwork that it sure to make an impact in any environment...

Each piece is crafted with a palette knife & the meticulous placement of acrylic medium over black acrylic paint. With it's thick, sculptural consistency, acrylic medium allows Ciara to create beautiful layering & depth; the animals gain a whole new lease of life, with textural emphasis on their fur, wrinkles, whiskers...

Ciara uses archival quality cotton canvas (350 g/m²), hand-stretched over warp resistant solid wood - providing superb tension. 

Ciara can source any canvas size required. Listed below are the 3 most popular sizes.

The prices displayed are 'starting prices', contact Ciara with your bespoke requirements in order to finalise your price. (You are under no obligation to proceed until acceptance of price).

Thick edge with arrows.jpg

A - 90cm/35.4"

B - 60cm/23.6"

C - 3.5cm


A - 100cm/39.4"

B - 70cm/27.6"

C - 3.5cm

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For webby.jpg
Thin edge with arrows.jpg
smaller for website.jpg

A - 121.9cm/48"

B - 91.4cm/36"

C - 2cm

for website2.jpg